Hotel Reviews for Bangkok, Thailand

Worth staying at Hotels in Bangkok,Thailand Hotel reviews for an informed traveler. Villa Phra Sumen HotelThis is one of the moderately small hotel, proving that to be considered one of the first-class accommodations in Bangkok you don’t have...

Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok to do list guide for an informed travelerThere are basically many things that one can do in Bangkok. You can do things for several weeks in this bustling city and still not see it all! Thailand's capital...

Is Shanghai Disneyland Better Than Walt Disney?

Shanghai Disneyland Approximately in every decade, Disney opens a brand new theme park somewhere on the planet. It’s a significant deal if, like me, you’re a theme park nerd. Well this new Disney park probably...

Ultimate Things to Do in Hong Kong

Walk along the Sha Tsui PromenadeTsim Sha Tsui Promenade runs along the tip of Kowloon's waterfront. It is one of the high-quality locations to peer the wonderful views of the Hong Kong skyline and...

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